Welcome To TimeTree - Free Shared Calendar

Shared calendar and scheduling

Reminders can be delivered to everyone in the group keeping everyone alerted.

Shared Notes

Using the ‘My Schedule’ feature, TimeTree allows users to see multiple shared calendars events on a single calendar view.

Multinational Languages

imeTree supports national holidays from more than 13 languages and increasing!

Works on PC, Mobile, & Widget

Lets you review and edit your schedule with ease on the go! Not limited to the admin, all members can add and edit events.

A Calendar Made for Sharing

TimeTree was built with the goal of being an integral part of managing one’s schedules through sharing and communication. 

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TimeTree: a History

We wanted to create something that people would absolutely need to have. An app that when people looked back, they thought “how did I ever live without this thing?”. This dream that we shared, to make the next “must have” app, drove us forward. Five friends with a vision in our hearts, fates intertwined from our previous workplace, founded our company in a small office in Yoyogi.

“When plans almost always involve other people, why are there only tools for individuals?” This question guided us and was the starting point to how we approached TimeTree. “Re-imagining the schedule as if it were to be shared”.


As the original development team talked and discussed, the form of TimeTree began to take solid form within our minds. Questions were thrown back and forth, and discussions between us. What is the best method of sharing? Who are we going to be sharing with? Those closest to us, yes? If we are sharing calendars, wouldn’t the ability to talk and communicate about them be good? These questions helped define our dreams and set us on the right path.


At last, we released our service to the public to the deafening cry of … nothing. Nobody knew about us, nobody posted about us, and news sites did not report about us. We began to feel despair and lose heart. Fred, one of the founders of TimeTree, began brooding at home. According to his wife, he was disappointed in the performance of the app. Dismayed with his husband heartbroken, June posted about the app and quite quickly found the tweet with more than 10,000 retweets! The media then started picking up and we became a conversation topic.


As we geared up to take our operation to full scale, we began to discuss how we wanted to run the company. We wanted to make using our service similar to going to your hairdresser. That feeling of being able to strike up a conversation. A way of connecting with one another and building a relationship. Although it is hard to connect face to face with our users, we wanted to try for a friendly, approachable way to managing our business. We wanted to focus on what is truly important to us: Managing with a focus on communication.


With over 15 million users and growing, allow TimeTree to take away the burden of keeping agendas up to date!

Our clients say

I love this app! I downloaded it to keep my fellow co-parents on the same page calendarwise with my stepdaughters events. Now I use it to keep track of everything. Wish you could pay for an add free version but they are not annoying pop up adds so its not a big deal.
Stacy Parcell
Easy to use. You can have multiple calendars for various areas of your life (school, work, kids, medical, etc), each colored differently. All calendars can be viewed at once on your "EVERYTHING CALENDAR".
Jennifer Seger
My wife and I use this app a lot to share calendars and deconflict our lives. Works really well and syncs with other calendars like Google calendar. No more arguments about who's doing what... Well, less at least.
matthew lama
Timetree has changed my life! It's so much easier to plan events with friends and family and to keep track of my schedule than with any other calendar, planner, or app I've ever used.
Jillie Tempest